Ishura light novel will be adapted to anime


Ishura, a collection of fantasy light novels written by Keiso and drawn by Kureta, will be turned into an anime series, the Japanese production company Kadokawa announced on Sunday. It is noteworthy that this piece of writing won the Kono ga Sugoi! award (2021 edition), which honors the greatest Japanese light novels.

The project's launch date and production information will be released soon.

The books started appearing on Kadokawa's website, Shosetsuka ni Narou, in 2017. They didn't start being distributed in tangible form with their debut volume until 2019. The series' seventh book will be released on February 17 of next year. A manga adaptation of the books was started in 2021 by the publisher Kodansha and is still being published today by the illustrator Meguri.

The Ishura synopsis

In a world where the Demon King is no longer alive, a swarm of demigods who are capable of eradicating him have inherited it. An all-powerful mage who can make ideas come to life; a skilled swordsman who can dispatch his foes with a single glance; a spearman who is so quick he can shatter the sound barrier; a hardy wyvern who battles with three legendary weapons at once Each of these heroes chases challenges against great adversaries and incites conflict between them in an effort to win the title of "real hero." The struggle to prove who is the most powerful among the powerful begins.

Source: Comic Natalie

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