Goodbye DonGlees! Review: Navigating Between Reality and Fantasy in a Summer Adventure

Goodbye DonGlees! Review

Konnichiwa Festival is set to bring us back to the cinema seats with the premiere of Goodbye DonGlees! on July 21, 2022, at Cinepolis. Having attended its premiere, we now present you with this spoiler-free review.

'Roma and Toto, lifelong friends collectively known as DonGlees, may not be the most popular in class, but they thoroughly enjoy their time together. However, in their first year of high school, Drop joins the gang, and the adventure they share will forever change their perspective on life.'

Goodbye DonGlees! invites us on an adventure that blurs the line between the fantasy and reality of the world while delivering a poignant message that leads to a touching conclusion.


Marvelous Trio

Rarely do we encounter an anime film with a cast that refrains from expanding as the story unfolds, and this is one of the commendable aspects of Goodbye DonGlees! The movie adeptly maintains its focus on the development of its endearing group of protagonists, better known as the "DonGlees."

The friendship among Roma, Toto, and Drop not only feels authentic but also creates a genuine sense of closeness with this small, picturesque, and childlike trio of friends, each possessing well-defined personalities. Their camaraderie shines not only in moments of joy, eliciting more than one laugh in the theater, but particularly during the challenges they face as the "odd" group in their town, and even more so during their transition to maturity. The future, goals, relationships, and a myriad of questions are just some of the themes the three contemplate as they approach the twilight of their youth, gradually leaving behind their childhood.

Goodbye don glees trailer

What resonates from the trio composed of Roma, Toto, and Drop is their demonstration of the immense value of shared companionship, regardless of the circumstances that lead us to forge friendships or the situations we encounter. "Life is for sharing" is a profound theme, underscoring the importance of connections. Moreover, it emphasizes that the right company can help you recover something you believed lost or inspire you to reach places you never thought possible. Amidst the uncertainties of growing up, the DonGlees' ultimate adventure also imparts the wisdom that getting lost is an integral part of the journey, a willingness to navigate the unknown to reach unprecedented destinations.

Their concluding summer escapade pushes the boundaries of destiny, heralding a transformation in each of their lives. "What is truth and what is fantasy?" Only those with the courage to seek the answers have the right to know.

Distinguished Production

Goodbye, DonGlees!" stands as another testament to the existence of exceptional productions beyond the commercial spotlight, crafted by many highly talented individuals. The story, written and directed by Atsuko Ishizuka ("No Game No Life Zero" and "A Place Further Than The Universe"), marks her debut in cinema. It premiered in Japan and later at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in France, now making its debut in Latin America.

The interactions between the protagonists – one of the most remarkable aspects of the movie – are brought to life by three of Japan's most popular seiyuus (voice actors) today: Natsuki Hanae (Tanjiro Kamado, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba), Yuki Kaji (Eren Jaeger, Attack on Titan), and Ayumu Murase (Shoyo Hinata, Haikyu!!), voicing Roma, Toto, and Drop, respectively.

In animation, MADHOUSE provides yet another demonstration of why many anime fans would love to see their favorite series produced by this studio. They excel at depicting settings that flirt with the realm of fantasy yet remain within our reach. Finally, the Japanese rock band [Alexandros] performs the musical theme titled "Rock The World" and the movie's soundtrack, maintaining the youthful and adventurous spirit of our protagonists.

The Good

  • A memorable production for Atsuko Ishizuka's first feature film.
  • The DonGlees, though a bit sentimental, are friends you'll always want to encounter.

The Bad

  • The ending feels rushed.

In conclusion:

Perhaps the movie's only weak point occurs during its second "cour," where the film rushes through its story, ironically creating a sense of unnecessary prolongation due to the lack of a more elaborate development of events. While one of the messages of Goodbye DonGlees! revolves around "embarking on an adventure," there is a certain imbalance in the final minutes when compared to the laughs and emotions that captivated us during the initial hours. Fortunately, this imbalance is sufficiently compensated by the surprises we find in the conclusion of this film. In general, there are more narrative successes than shortcomings.

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