Suzume Anime Movie: A Journey Through the Temporal Realm of Love

Suzume Anime Movie

Hearing the name Makoto Shinkai these days not only promises a visual feast on cinema screens, but it's evident that over the past three years—starting with the timeless masterpiece Your Name (2016), followed by Weathering with You (2019), and now Suzume (2022)—the current perspective of the Japanese director invites us to explore the diverse ways in which "love" intertwines his characters as protagonists in a narrative that delicately balances between reality and fantasy.

Suzume swiftly gained global attention in cinemas, becoming the fourth highest-grossing anime film in history, offering us a glimpse into the magic behind Makoto Shinkai's latest creation, which we'll delve into in the following lines.

We delve into the story of Suzume, leading a peaceful life in Kyushu with her aunt until her entire routine takes an unexpected turn after encountering and chasing a young and handsome stranger. Upon meeting him, Suzume discovers that her new friend Souta is a "closer" on a mission to find a series of doors. If these doors are left open, they will unleash humanity's destruction through "natural disasters." The fates of this duo become intricately connected when Souta is transformed into a worn-out chair (yes, that chair with eyes). Suzume willingly offers her assistance to help him close the doors that begin to appear all over Japan.

Suzume no Tojimari (the full title in Japan) employs a blend that caters to a diverse audience. The psychological dynamic between Suzume and Souta oscillates between realism and fantasy, adventure and romantic comedy, courage, and vulnerability. Additionally, the secondary characters (undeniably charming) mirror Shinkai's profoundly personal perspective on his homeland, its people, and the resilience they exhibit in the face of the natural disasters that have afflicted the country in recent years. This becomes particularly evident when delving into Suzume's subconscious, making it clear from the outset that both she and her mother have been victims.


Charming Duo

Suzume and Souta share a fascinating dynamic, with the symbolism of the young university student standing out prominently. Despite his life as a "closer," we uncover that he harbors profoundly human desires. Upon encountering Suzume, he begins to express his longing for life intensely, serving as a stark contrast to a certain Japanese ideal found in older generations that extol "glorifying death with honor." In this instance, it revolves around living "diligently" as a closer.

As for Suzume, her past, which we can deem "traumatic," does not diminish her personality in the slightest. Suzume is a girl with a bubbly and determined demeanor, immediately resonating with the audience. While her past continues to haunt her, she doesn't waver or surrender when it resurfaces to confound her. This same courage empowers her to uncover the truth behind "that world where time stands still" and enables her to encapsulate her past with a simple and emotive phrase... ittekimasu!

Their interaction extends beyond their newly formed relationship as "closers." As they traverse Japan, encountering diverse personalities, both characters glean valuable insights into life from each other.

Suzume Anime Movie Trailer

Animation is cinema

What more can we add that you haven't already gleaned from Makoto Shinkai's impressive filmography? Once again, Comix Wave Films presents beautifully stylized hyperrealism that captivates with every glance at its settings: the food looks even more delectable, the meadows beckon as ideal nap spots, and we find ourselves yearning to trade places with the denizens amidst the lively hustle of the city or the serene twilight of a village.

This keen attention to detail is palpable when a dense and colossal plume of red smoke foreshadows the adversity our duo confronts whenever a door unveils its ominous threats.

RADWIMPS has secured its place as a favorite collaborator for Makoto Shinkai, contributing significantly to the overall musical ambiance within the Japanese director's cinematic world. While it may not resonate as profoundly as some other pieces from his films, the main theme of the movie (also titled "Suzume") carries a compelling rhythm that delves into the mystery behind the adventure of its protagonists.

The Positives

Suzume's vibrant personality resonates, and we connect with her moments of both sadness and joy. The interiors and exteriors are portrayed with vividness, bringing them to life.

The Negatives

The scope of "disasters" is confined to a major earthquake, limiting the variety of catastrophic events depicted. The monotony of repeatedly confronting these disasters diminishes the overall impact.

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