Fans are disappointed with Dragon Ball Daima

Dragon Ball Daima

Fans of "Dragon Ball" are unhappy with Toei Animation and other companies involved in producing the upcoming original series, "Dragon Ball Daima." They feel there hasn't been enough promotion for this new project, which has led to worry and disappointment among the community.

Recently, a new promotional image for "Dragon Ball Daima" was released, and it didn't impress the fans. The image is a collage of PNGs that once again shows Goku as a child with his iconic staff. Fans find this repetitive and overused in the promotional materials for the series. Additionally, the image of Shenlong beside him is the same one used in "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero," a movie that came out years ago. This has added to the fans' frustration, as they were hoping for something more innovative and revealing about the new series.

If you zoom in, you can even see the white edges of the PNGs, which shows how poorly edited the image is.

The only new information from this promotional material is that the release is still set for October 2024, meaning Akira Toriyama's passing hasn't affected the launch schedule. However, this hasn't eased fans' worries, as they think the lack of promotion might mean Toei Animation doesn't have much confidence in this new project.

The synopsis for "Dragon Ball Daima" reveals that Goku and his friends will face a new mystery after being shrunk by a strange conspiracy. To solve this dilemma, they decide to explore an unknown territory. Despite this intriguing storyline, fans are still disappointed with how the series has been promoted.

Fans of the franchise were hoping Toei Animation would put in more effort and excitement into promoting "Dragon Ball Daima" to build anticipation. Instead, the reuse of old images and lack of new information have made people doubt the series' potential success. Many fans are hoping that in the coming months, there will be a stronger promotional campaign and more details about the plot and characters will be revealed to boost interest in this new installment of the "Dragon Ball" universe.

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